Orange 5G Lab

Orange 5G Lab

Orange Romania will open a lab dedicated to the 5G technology, in partnership with the "CAMPUS" Research Institute, part of the Politehnica University of Bucharest. The lab in Bucharest is part of a network of 9 5G labs announced by the Orange group.

According to an Orange group study conducted with GlobalWebIndex, 72% of companies currently say they expect their operator to provide support regarding 5G to test, experiment and develop ahead of time. The Orange 5G Labs initiative meets this demand and aims to help economic players and researchers to better understand the opportunities, value and utility of 5G. .

Entrepreneurs and developers will be able to test their existing solutions and services, as well as try out new usecases, thus contributing to the co-innovation ecosystem that will support the transformation of future business models and processes. Interested researchers will also find a place to innovate, taking existing 5G findings to new horizons. The new space will represent one more initiative marking the common effort between Orange Romania and UPB to support new business projects, as well as research and innovation initiatives.

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