Processing of Personal Data

Privacy Statement on the Processing of Personal Data by Orange Romania within the framework of the Orange Fab Romania Programme

Orange Fab (the “Program”) is an accelerator program that facilitates collaboration between Orange Romania and innovative startups, mentors and partners (the “Participants”).

For the implementation of the Program, Orange Romania processes personal data in a confidential, secure and transparent way and guarantees that you can continue to trust the data you provide to us.

Please note that the processing of your personal data is carried out by Orange Romania in accordance with the Privacy Policy available at the following link, which complements this Privacy Statement, including the defined terms. This Privacy Statement shall prevail in case of inconsistency in the context of processing related to the Orange Fab Programme.

Information on your Personal Data Controller

Orange România SA, with registered office in Europe House, Blvd. Lascăr Catargiu nr. 47-53, Sector 1, postal code 010665, Bucharest, Romania, Trade Register number J40/10178/1996, with unique registration number 9010105, is the personal data controller.

If you have any questions about the processing of your data and/or about this Privacy Statement, please contact the Orange Romania Data Protection Officer at Alternatively, you can write to us at Blvd. Lascăr Catargiu nr. 47-53, Sector 1, postal code 010665, Bucharest, Romania, as well as use any other contact methods available on the website Please contact us and we are committed to making every effort to resolve any issues amicably.

All messages will be answered within the time limit set by law. In certain exceptional cases, your options as a Data Subject may only be implemented in connection with future processing activities.

Categories of Data Subjects and Categories of Personal Data Processed under the Orange Fab Romania Programme

Within the framework of the Program, Orange Romania processes Personal Data of the following categories of Participants:

  • representatives of startups applying to the Programme, regardless of their capacity (manager, director, employee, collaborator, etc.);
  • mentors or people working with Orange Romania to provide guidance within the Programme;
  • Partner representatives such as co-working, companies from various industries such as the tech or automotive industry, associations, foundations and public authorities, who work with Orange Romania to provide support, guidance and opportunities to the participating startups.

The program is intended exclusively for individuals aged 18 years or older, so Orange Romania shall not process data belonging to individuals under 18 years of age.

Under the Orange Romania Program, we may process the following categories of Personal Data:

  • your contact details as an Event Participant, such as surname, name, e-mail address, telephone number, company name, website address;
  • the image and/or voice of the Participants, in the context that there is a possibility that the event will be photo and/or video recorded
  • (and this aspect is brought to the attention of the Participants);
  • details of your participation in the Programme such as the capacity in which you participate, the type of Participant you are, your relationship with other Participants, your performance in the Programme;
  • details of the relationship with Orange Romania (to verify the eligibility of the Participant for the prizes offered), in the context of prizes being distributed at the event;
  • opinions of the participants on the event organised, using physical or electronic feedback forms;

Purposes and grounds for processing the Personal Data

In addition to the purposes of processing related to (i) the performance of management reports and statistical analysis, (ii) compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, prevention, detection and prevention of fraud, abuse, non-payment incidents and ensuring an adequate level of security, (iii) implementation of mergers, acquisitions or any other reorganization processes and (iv) management of the relationship with the authorities, settlement of any disputes, litigation and investigations, as well as for the purpose of defending any other legitimate interests of Orange Romania, which are detailed in the Privacy Policy available here in order to carry out the Programme, Orange Romania also processes Personal Data for the following purposes:

Selection of Participants, carrying out eligibility checks on them, as well as contacting them - for this purpose Orange Romania processes Personal Data in order to select persons and/or organizations and to carry out the administrative activities related to the registration in the Program, as well as for the designation of the winners and for the award of the related prizes in case of competitions. This purpose may be based on your consent to participate in various competitions, the conclusion and execution of the agreement with you and the legitimate interest of Orange Romania aiming to verify that you meet the criteria and standards required to be involved in the Program.

Selection and implementation of projects resulting from the Programme - depending on the type of Participant, Orange Romania processes your Personal Data in order to select the projects to support, to provide support during the projects and to carry out the implementation. This purpose may be based on the legal grounds for entering into and carrying out the agreement with you, compliance with specific legal obligations, the legitimate interest of Orange Romania to implement and complete the Program.

Promoting the Programme and participating projects through promotional materials in various media as well as managing the online presence of the Orange Fab Romania Programme and seeking feedback for improvement - for this purpose Orange Romania processes Personal Data to seek feedback on your experience or to evaluate the effectiveness of the Programme, to create publicity materials and to publish them in online or physical media, in order to promote the Participants and the Programme and to increase public awareness about supporting entrepreneurs in developing innovative products and distributing them locally and internationally.

Please note that if the Personal Data is disseminated to third party networks or accounts, the privacy policy of these service providers shall apply and Orange Romania will process a limited amount of data if you choose to interact with these Orange Romania online accounts.

This purpose may be based on the legitimate interest of Orange Romania to have an online presence on various networks relevant to the Orange Fab activity, to promote the activity of the Programme, to assess the satisfaction of Participants, as well as to attract new Participants to the Programme.

At the same time, Orange Romania has a legitimate interest to promote the event organized including through the publication of images/video recordings of the events organized under the Program, both online through public social media platforms, through the Orange Romania website and/or the Orange Fab Romania website, as well as through any other publicity materials, such as brochures. In this regard, Orange Romania would like to inform you that the Orange Fab Romania Program is based on the need to promote entrepreneurship initiatives and collaboration between different actors, so the general rule is that events will be recorded by photo/video means and then broadcast for information purposes, as part of the social responsibility policy of Orange Romania. You have the right to object to such processing at any time and Orange Romania will take the necessary steps for implementation - please note that once the images / videos are posted on social media the implementation of this right will be limited so that the actual implementation can only be ensured if you notify your preferences to us before attending any such event.

Duration of processing of Personal Data

Orange Romania keeps your personal data as an event participant strictly for the duration of the purposes indicated, namely:

  • 2 years from the end of the event in case of collection and processing of the contact data of the Participants;
  • 2 years after the end of the event in terms of distribution of publicity material such as brochures;
  • During the lifetime of the Orange Fab Programme in which the event you attended was organised, for the publication of the images/videos of the participants online on the Orange Romania website and/or the Orange Fab Romania ( and Orange Fab International ( websites
  • 3 years from the date of distribution of the prizes to the winning Participants. In the context of publishing Personal Data online on public social media platforms, on the Orange Romania website and/or the Orange Fab Romania/Orange Fab International website (including in relation to photo/video recordings of the events), the Personal Data will be processed until such time as the aforementioned websites are closed and/or the Orange Romania social media accounts are deactivated. Thus, each Participant may contact Orange Romania through the contact means provided in order to request deletion of such Personal Data. Taking into account the technical possibilities to implement the request received, the Personal Data, including the image/recording will be removed from the platform on which it was published.

As a Participant in the Orange Fab Romania Program, you have specific rights regarding your Personal Data

Unless the law provides otherwise, you have the following rights:

  • To access your Personal Data;
  • To request changes and/or rectification of the Personal Data;
  • To request restriction of processing;
  • To oppose processing;
  • To request the deletion of the Personal Data or the transfer of the Personal Data provided by you to another Data Controller;
  • To withdraw your consent whenever processing is based on your consent;
  • To get human intervention from Orange Romania, express your views and challenge the decision if decisions are made solely on the basis of automated processing that significantly affect you;
  • To lodge a complaint with the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing;
  • To disable certain types of collection;

For more details on the content of these rights and the related limitations, please see the Privacy Policy available here.

Details of data recipients, safety measures and changes to the Privacy Statement

Regarding the handling of Personal Data, please refer to the Orange Romania Privacy Policy available at link.  In addition, please note that the Program is based on collaboration between Participants, exchange of experiences and offering opportunities, so participation in the Program implies the consent of the Participants that their Personal Data may be communicated by Orange Romania to other Participants.

Amendment of the Privacy Statement

Orange Romania has the right to amend this Privacy Statement on the processing of personal data at any time during the Programme. Any such changes will be published on the Orange Romania and/or the Orange Fab Romania Programme website, or will be brought to the attention of Participants by the same means by which they were informed of the organisation of the Programme.