6 new startups join the Orange Fab program.

6 new startups join the Orange Fab program.

We're happy to announce that, since the summer of 2019, we started working with 6 new innovative startups:

  • Agricloud provides a solution for vineyard management optimization, built on drone survey information and data interpretation based on computer vision, satellite communications and historical data from vineyards experience accumulated in France, SUA and South Africa.
  • Configurators3D Configurators3D develops 3D rendering technology, with applications such as 3D Viewer & 3D Catalogue for the sales channel, 3D Animator for promotion activities and employee training and service via 3D objects.
  • Eventya is a Platform as a Service that helps public or private organisations to build mobile apps and websites, without contracting expensive and long term software development services.
  • MorphL uses AI to predict user behaviors in digital products and services with the end goal of increasing product metrics and business KPIs. Our vision is to do it by making AI practical, easy to integrate into existing business flows, and simple to use so companies don’t need to hire ML or AI specialists (who are already in very short supply).
  • ProductLead offers smart martech solutions to complete social media strategies. Marketers can increase their conversion rates and release the maximum potential of all social channels by leveraging smart analytics, content that users create on social media, inspirational imagery, and omnichannel solutions.
  • Siscale is developing, in partnership with Orange, a threat intelligence solution which is both easily scalable and leverages machine learning and advanced analytics capabilities. The solution aims to help SMBs, which do not have the security expertise or the resources to buy it, with the help of large telecom providers.