About MobilPRO, the app contest supported by Orange

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About MobilPRO, the app contest supported by Orange

Orange supports the startup ecosystem both through the Orange Fab corporate accelerator, as well as through pre-acceleration and startup development programs.

One of these programs the app software contest MobilPRO – Innovation and Mobility, addresses to high school and university students who want to make a first step in the tech and entrepreneurship universe.
This year, the program proposed 3 tracks: Smart Health, Smart Travel and Million Dollar Idea. The participation was free both for startup-ers and spectatos, and the highest attendance came from the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunication and Information Technology, with 11 teams.

We are happy to see young people passionate about technology, who want to transform their creative ideas in products. MobilPRO is one of the first steps in this process, followed by the pre-acceleration program Innovation Labs, where the startup can grow through the tech support and mentorship offered by Orange and other sponsors, so that it can reach an MVP and be able to join Orange Fab - a potential launching point at an international level.

More details on the contest on the MobilPRO website.