Soft Tehnica presents: Aidoo

Soft Tehnica presents: Aidoo

We are happy to announce that the Orange Fab startup community recently welcomed Soft Tehnica [1]. If you are wondering what Soft Tehnica, an established software developer, is doing among startups, the answer is that the team is not staying in one place and keeps pushing the technological limits of imagination. Five years ago, the team was inspired by the idea of training assisted by a hologram – and that was the beginning of Aidoo [2], the startup product with which Soft Tehnica joined our accelerator.

So, Aidoo is a holographic virtual assistant – a concept that could still sound like something from a movie, right? To put it simply, we are talking about an avatar – drawn or captured from a real person – that is capable of interacting with people and providing them with necessary information or some service in real time. The developers of Aidoo have managed to make the solution very friendly and pleasant to use – not just in appearance, but the mimics, movements, and voice of the avatar resemble a human, erasing the possible annoyance or inconvenience some of us could experience from interacting with a robot. AI and Machine Learning help to adapt the solution for any industry: education, training, healthcare, banking, even manufacturing – the applicability range of this tool is really impressive!

People, standing behind

Florian Buca, the CEO of Soft Tehnica, states that currently a department of the company is involved in working on the Aidoo solution. Furthermore, Florian notes that the company invites external experts for specific tasks, such as drawing the avatars. Including external personnel, approximately 10 people are currently working on the solution.

Who and why chooses Aidoo?

Aidoo by Soft Tehnica enhances operational efficiency through AI-driven automation, significantly reducing time and resources. It also offers quick, 24/7 customer support across several languages, ensuring fast responses and personalized interaction, which contributes to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Thus, if you are a company who is interested in optimizing your spents on the repetitive tasks, providing high-level customer support, training your employees on the complex tasks before performing them in the field, Aidoo is for you! Already now the solution gained a significant interest from big players on the Romanian market and became the choice of such companies as BCR and ZARA.

Looking forward to…

Soft Tehnica has ambitious plans for Aidoo, encompassing strategic, technological, functional, and economic aspects. Currently, the company hasn't pinpointed a primary niche for Aidoo; it's being tested and applied in various verticals to find its comfortable market position. While collaborating with Orange Fab, Soft Tehnica aims to standardize the product, making it faster, more affordable, and easier for target customers to acquire. Additionally, the partnership with Orange will facilitate transitioning Aidoo to the cloud, a more favorable option compared to on-premises installations that often require substantial upfront investment in network development. And these are just a few of the exciting enhancements expected in the near future. For instance, Aidoo, currently available in English and Romanian, may soon “speak” on German, Spanish, and French.

So, bonne chance and we are excited to share this path with you!