Alaian open call opportunity for 5G & B2C Digital Offering

Alaian open call opportunity for 5G & B2C Digital Offering

Alaian Alliance brought together nine major global telecommunications companies with the common goal of reinventing the industry by discovering the most disruptive startups and the potential to provide access to a network of 1 billion customers. 

The telecommunications alliance has a presence in more than 65 markets and access to a global technology, infrastructure and investment ecosystem.

Orange Group has joined the alliance in 2023 and continues its mission to support startups and underscoring its strong commitment to the development and growth of new businesses.

Alaian opens a new call for 5G startups🎉

The application is open until December 22nd!


5G is the latest generation of mobile networks that provides faster, more reliable and more secure wireless connectivity.

5G is designed to support a vast array of devices and services, from smartphones to the Internet of Things (IoT), and from augmented reality to autonomous vehicles. With this call we aim to find new 5G solutions for both B2C and B2B segment, such as:

  • Communications & infrastructure: connectivity everywhere, IoT, edge computing, Open RAN. connectivity according to 3GPP standards, automatic network management…
  • Industry, manufacturing & logistics: AGVs, robotics, computer vision, drones, industrial IoT, quality control with computer vision, asset tracking and logistics in indoor/outdoor environments, image recognition, industrial logistics, industrial machinery connectivity.
  • Smart Cities & Mobility: People and asset tracking, V2X, smart parking, smart spaces, waste management, lighting and other smart city elements, etc.
  • Utilities & Energy: smart buildings, smart metering, sustainability, energy efficiency solutions in the home, private energy efficiency, etc. 
  • Agriculture: water management, management, optimization and improvement of crops and animals (livestock), etc.
  • Metaverse & Web3: virtual reality, augmented reality, digital social experiences, devices, virtual platforms, identity tools, NFts, etc.
  • Media, Entertainment & Gaming: including fan experience solution, content generated, video&TV, Music, Social, Audiobooks. 
  • OTT/TV Content and Video: including technology that improves streaming performance by latency, cloud usage, personalized recommendation, automatic and intelligent content generation, etc.  
  • Retail & e-commerce: indoor positioning, virtual reality, augmented reality, stock control, security, authentication, checkout, carrier billing, wifi motion detection, security, etc.  
  • Tourism: including experience creation, access control, shopping experience improvement, assurance and travel insurance, etc. 
  • Fintech and financial services: security, carrier billing, etc.
  • eHealth: computer vision, patient monitoring, etc.
  • Education & Edutaintment: virtual reality and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, improve user experience, increase interaction and accessibility, etc.

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