Appsulate, Dekeneas and Pentest-Tools on stage at DefCamp #9

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Appsulate, Dekeneas and Pentest-Tools on stage at DefCamp #9

The startups included in the Orange Fab security track have presented their solutions during the 9th edition of the DefCamp international conference. The event participants had the opportunity to view demos of the products and discuss with the founders at the dedicated startup booths, included in the Orange zone.

During the second event day, Appsulate, Dekeneas and Pentest-Tools founders took the stage and offered details regarding the security problems they address.

Appsulate offers an isolated environment that acts as a shield between the user and web applications securing both internal and external users: When remote workers or third parties need to access corporate web applications Appsulate prevents data exfiltration and provides control, monitoring and compliance with security standards.

Dekeneas develops a solution using artificial intelligence to address some of the most complex and hard to tackle computer attacks: watering holes and cryptojacking. Do you really know what the websites you visit daily really do with your device behind the scenes?

Pentest-Tools is the first online framework for penetration testing and security assessment where the users obtain a detailed list of vulnerabilities which they can remediate before being hit by cyberattacks.