Announces $3.5M Investment to Advance Decision Intelligence Platform

/ Announces $3.5M Investment to Advance Decision Intelligence Platform announced today the company raised $3.5 million in a seed round led by Lytical Ventures (New York) with participation from Osage Venture Partners (Philadelphia), Defined (Vancouver), Isometric Ventures (Luxembourg) and John Stewart. This infusion of capital is set to rapidly expand's innovative platform, setting an industry-first path toward autonomous decision-making in cybersecurity.

"We are thrilled to join in their mission to improve human decisions in cyber," stated Lucas Nelson, partner at Lytical Ventures. "'s innovative approach and commitment to reshaping human-AI cooperation in security align perfectly with our investment philosophy." addresses an acknowledged problem in the industry: cybersecurity professionals face an overwhelming challenge, dealing with a rising number of cyber threats, data overload, alert fatigue, and an upsurge in false positives, contributing to team exhaustion and high turnover rates, along with the risk of security breaches amid the industry skill shortage. 

Managing Partner of Osage Venture Partners, Nate Lentz commented, "'s demonstrated leadership and strategic use of advanced technologies position them as pioneers in the field. We believe Arcanna is solving mission-critical business problems by applying AI to augment and automate human decision-making in security and network operations."

As a Decision Intelligence platform, enhances human decision-making within the Security Operations Center (SOC) or Network Operation Center (NOC), regardless of tools, processes, or data. It achieves this by leveraging consistent data points and incorporating human feedback into customer-owned AI models.

By integrating's solution, organizations can expect a significant reduction in mean time to response (MTTR), a substantial decrease in risk, and a significant capacity boost in dealing with higher volumes of attacks. 

“For some time, the data shows that we cannot hire our way out of the cyber situation we all face - there aren’t enough candidates and not enough time. What we can do, and Arcanna will do, is create a force multiplier, using technology the way it was intended - to help security productivity, through AI,” said John Stewart, former Cisco Chief Security and Trust Officer, Investor, and Board Member. is headquartered in New York and was founded in 2019 by a team of highly skilled professionals with vast experience in security and AI. Peter Ruta, Lucas Nelson, and John Stewart will form the company's board of directors.

“This investment represents a significant vote of confidence in's vision and underscores the growing importance of Decision Intelligence in fortifying cyber defenses. The funding will drive research, development, and the expansion of our go-to-market capabilities.” - said CEO and founder, Peter Ruta.

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