CardioMedive - Wearable devices for telemedicine

CardioMedive - Wearable devices for telemedicine

While getting older, we have to take more and more care of our health, which usually means more visits to hospitals, more expenditures, more investigations, and bigger boxes for pills and medical devices. Millions of people, seeing how expensive, time-consuming, frightening, and exhausting the procedure of taking care of their health is, come to the doctor when it is too late.

Wondering how to improve the situation, CardioMedive came up with a complex, multifunctional, but miniature solution for the whole family. It is primarily focused on cardiovascular diseases, which, according to WHO, entail 17.9 million deaths per year. It is a brilliant representative of telemedicine built on top of the heart of the solution, a chest patch, with imbedded sensors capable of continuously monitoring 15 vital signs. The data is uploaded to the cloud, where doctors can see it and promptly provide recommendations. The device is lightweight, secure, reliable, and non-visible under clothes. It can be used by different users. Just imagine, how much time, effort, and money it saves!

To find out more about the solution, we contacted the founder of CardioMedive, Ion Mocanu.

How CardioMedive started and who is standing behind it?

The work on the CardioMedive started in 2018, inspired by the personal experience of the founder of the company, Ion Mocanu, an ex-military, and software engineer. Together with five tech experts, while keeping a constant connection with medical doctors, he developed a health wearable device, platform, and application—representing together a unique self-sufficient telemedicine solution. Their partnership with Orange Fab started later on, in 2020, on the basis of connectivity solution development.

What does the end user receive?

CardioMedive allows its users to not just accurately measure 15 parameters, but it also provides wide healthcare services at home, from diagnosis to real-time treatment and post-maintenance. Moreover, it collects statistics, produces anamnesis, and tracks the whole history of your treatment. Last but not least, it significantly saves money that you and your loved ones might spend on multiple measurement devices and trips to hospitals.

How safe is the patch?

The specific material of the patch allows you to continue wearing it for up to 14 days without being scared of the accumulation of bacteria and itching. In addition, it is waterproof, so there is no need to take it off during the shower!

Keeping in mind that users will share a lot of private information, CardioMedive took care also of the security and privacy aspects, developing the solution in compliance with GDPR standards.

What were the main technological challenges?

“Each vital parameter has a place where it will be easier to measure it” – says Ion. That is why conventional medicine operates with multiple devices that are supposed to be attached to the breast, to the back, to the finger, and so on. Consequently, one of the hardest tasks CardioMedive faced from a technological point of view was the adaptation of the sensors to make them able to accurately measure 15 vital parameters in one place. The next obvious uneasy task was to design a lightweight, small device that would fit eight sensors. However, CardioMedive successfully solved both issues and is not afraid of new ones coming with future modifications and adaptation of the product to the mass market.

How is the CardioMedive solution verified? Certification of health-related products is rightfully considered one of the most labor-intensive. However, CardioMedive is prepared for this battle as well: it has experts responsible for standardizing the product to be accepted first in the European (EMA regulations), and then in the US (FDA regulations) markets.

And what's next?

CardioMedive has tested its solution on 25 patients and received positive feedback from both users and doctors. So the next important validation steps in front of the company are a measurement campaign on accuracy investigation and further certification of the device. In addition, CardioMedive team does not stop working on their device, trying to make it even better and “ensure a safe and pleasant health journey for its users under the umbrella of a virtual clinic”.

Orange Fab is inspired by the enthusiasm of the company and the beauty of its solution. We are excited to work together with CardopMedive, supporting them with our expertise in connectivity solutions.