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All good ideas emerge from some bad experiences – or the story of how one unsuccessfully delivered fridge resulted in a company that truly cares about your delivery. Back in 2021, Catalin Anghel received a broken fridge and had to undergo a time-consuming process to return it – a frustration most of us are familiar with. After this incident, Catalin became focused on how to prevent such situations in the future, and after some time, he founded Caut Curier.

Caut Curier is a startup, which provides an advanced parcel tracking service – not only its position, but also the quality of the delivery process. This service significantly increases customer satisfaction, reduces the number of returns, and, in worst-case scenarios, accurately determines what went wrong, where, and who is responsible. The solution itself is a multi-sensor device of size 10x15 cm, which can be attached to the parcel and provides real-time metrics such as:

Location: ‘where is my parcel?’

Security: ‘was the parcel opened during delivery?’

Physical impact during the delivery: ‘did the parcel experience shock, hit, rollover, tilt, or free fall?’

Environmental parameters: ‘were the temperature and humidity appropriate?’

In other words, the Caut Curier device allows its users not just to track the order but also to set essential parameters for the safe transport of the parcel and to monitor whether these parameters were met throughout the journey. This kind of service is invaluable for important, highly confidential, fragile parcels or packages with special requirements (by the way, did you know that fridges are supposed to be transported strictly in a standing position?). Another significant benefit of this solution is that it can, with high probability, help identify who should take responsibility if an order arrives damaged: whether the issue lies with the marketplace or the transporter. All in all, this solution reduces the number of returns by up to 90% and sets a new standard among delivery services in Romania.

Who and how uses Caut Curier solution?

Theoretically, the solution could be provided to any member of the delivery chain: marketplace, transporter, or end user. However, for now, the company is primarily focused on the B2B sector. Enterprises choosing the Caut Curier service will be provided with a device that can be adjusted to monitor selected parameters with predetermined thresholds. For instance, if we are interested in the transportation of glass or ceramics, we can set the 'shock' parameter to a very low threshold, while for the same fridge, we would prioritize 'tilt' control. At any moment, the user can check the monitored parameters: the device is also equipped with a connectivity module. In cases of poor connection in difficult-to-reach places, the data will not be lost but cashed on the device and then pushed to the platform as soon as the signal is restored. Thus, the solution provides total visibility during transportation, opening the door to safer, more secure, and satisfying deliveries!

How did we meet?

First time Orange Fab met Caut Curier on Make it in Oradea in 2021 but the actual collaboration started when the startup applied for our 5G Call: since then we are working together, participating in conferences and already having a set of plans for the nearest future!

Talking about plans, what's next? 

The Caut Curier team has big plans ahead! This month, they are set to receive their zero-batch of devices for testing. Following this, Catalin Anghel says, they plan to make modifications to the product: they aim to decrease its size and enhance its electronic independence, targeting a goal of 15 days of operation without charging. In collaboration with Orange, Caut Curier is also planning to upgrade the connectivity module to 5G. In the long term, the company doesn't want to limit itself to the Romanian market and is gradually expanding towards the international stage.

We are excited to observe Caut Curier's growth and even more thrilled to be a part of it!