Celebrating the first year of Orange Fab Romania

Celebrating the first year of Orange Fab Romania

The first Orange Fab Romania Demo Day event will take place on September 24th, starting at 18:00. The startups we’ve been working with for the past year, as well as the startups that are now joining the program, will present their products in front of an exclusive audience.

We are happy to share this moment with the members of the community. Thus, alongside our esteemed guests, we saved a few open seats in the audience.

If you represent a startup that might benefit from a partnership with Orange, you're curious to find out more about the program directly from the startups that have been working with us and you want to meet experts from Orange Romania and Orange Fab international, sign up now for one of the open seats.

Orange Fab Romania is a corporate accelerator organised by Orange Romania, with the support of How to Web, that aims to facilitate the creation of commercial partnerships between innovative startups and Orange. The startups implement a commercial partnership pilot project, with support from inside and outside Orange. The program takes place over a one year period and the end goal is to consolidate a long-term commercial collaboration between Orange Romania and the selected startups.