Dekeneas, Orange Fab startup, launches version 2.0 of its cybersecurity product

Dekeneas, Orange Fab startup, launches version 2.0 of its cybersecurity product

Dekeneas, startup part of the Orange Fab program, announced Dekeneas 2.0, a new version of the product launched three years after the first release.

While the first version was based on theoretical concepts or laboratory conditions, the three years of work and the partnership with Orange have allowed the team to accumulate experience in real-world conditions. Thus, Dekeneas 2.0 incorporates learnings about the tactics, techniques, and procedures used by attackers, whether they are cybercrime groups, or cyber espionage groups belonging to governments or private entities.

This experience has enabled the generation of innovative technologies to improve the way it identifies browser-targeted attacks, which can either be device exploitation attempts, data skimming attempts, or attempts to mine cryptocurrencies using the user's device.

To counter the increasingly complex attacks, Dekeneas used innovative technologies to improve the identification of attacks targeting the browser, be it device exploitation tentatives, tentatives to compromise card data (data skimming) or cryptocurrency mining tentatives via the user's phone.

Among the innovative technologies implemented in Dekeneas 2.0 are:

  • Code logic emulator - an essential component in the pre-analysis of a website. By emulating the logic behind the web page code, it’s easier to identify specific operations of web attacks.
  • Requirements extractor - a technology that allows the identification of special execution conditions of a web code, if they exist. The information is used by the intelligent sandbox system to emulate an analysis environment according to the special execution requirements identified by the requirements extractor. The analysis environment is based on both operating systems and device architectures for traditional desktop or laptop, as well as mobile smartphone or tablet devices.
  • Network attack detector - a technology that analyzes network traffic resulting from the interaction with a specific element of a website page, in order to identify artifacts specific to cyber attacks.

"Dekeneas is the only public and commercial tool that identifies known or unknown web attacks. The need for such a service becomes more and more obvious when we consider the increasing number of vulnerabilities discovered in modern browsers that can be exploited by attackers.

In its three years of work, the Dekeneas team has identified attack campaigns carried out by both state actors and private entities, through espionage operations (e.g. Pegasus) or cybercrime (e.g. Magecart). Dekeneas solutions have protected public sector and financial-banking institutions, as well as investigative journalists and activists in Europe, the United Arab Emirates or South East Asia." - Andrei Bozeanu, Dekeneas founder.

Find out more about Dekeneas 2.0 from Andrei Bozeanu, who was present in the ZF Tech Day show (Ro language only):