Orange Fab International Summit took place in Bucharest

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Orange Fab International Summit took place in Bucharest

Orange Fab representatives from all over the world have reunited in Bucharest, on February 21-22. During the Orange Fab International Summit event, the Orange Fab Romania team had the opportunity to present the ways they chose to closely collaborate with the startups in the program, as well as the results obtained until now. On the same occasion, the startups in the Orange Fab Romania program took the stage to present their businesses to the international audience.

Orange Fab is the corporate accelerator implemented by Orange in 17 countries. Each local team has the liberty to adapt the structure and operation mode to best address the local ecosystem's needs. Annually, representatives of the programs meet in one of the organizing countries to exchange experiences, meet the local ecosystem and strengthen the collaboration relationships. This time, Bucharest reunited representatives from Belgium, Cote d'Ivoire, France, Israel, Japan, Madagascar, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Senegal, Taiwan and Tunisia.

Emmanuel Chautard, Orange Romania CTO, showed his support for the acceleration program and the opening to integrate many innovative startups' products into Orange Romania's commercial offering.

To best illustrate the local ecosystem, the Orange Fab Summit agenda featured representatives from some of the most active local startup communities: Razvan Rughinis (Co-founder, Innovation Labs), Liviu Cadariu (Events Manager, TechHub Bucharest), Lucian Gramescu (Incubation Manager, Impact Hub) and Cristian Munteanu (Managing Partner, EarlyGame Ventures).

During the Orange Fab Summit, founders of a few startups in the program took the stage to present their work together with the Orange Romania team, as well as the benefits offered to end customers.

Thus, BOX2M, startup developing an Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem focusing on energy, has already integrated the LTE-M technology offered by Orange into the products they are already delivering to clients. The LTE-M network has been launched nationally by Orange in November 2018 and is part of Orange's commitment to support IoT solutions, together with the Live Objects platform.

Also, the BOX2M solution for monitoring energy consumption has been installed in smart city projects in Alba-Iulia and Constanta (for public illumination), in 8 Orange sites (for the telecom and acclimatizing equipment), in the Orange Romania HQ building in Aurel Vlaicu (aggregated energy consumption for the building) and in Orange Romania's test data-center.

Other startups, like Pentest Tools and Dekeneas, part of Orange Fab Romania's Security track, collaborate with Orange to integrate their products into the functionalities of the security platform dedicated to business clients - Business Internet Security.

During the second day of the meeting, managers of the Orange Fab programs debated Orange's global innovation strategy, particular manners of working with the startups, opportunities for the international promotion of the startups in the programs as well as the optimal collaboration towards internationalizing products in the Orange Fab network.

"It's an honor for us to host the fourth edition of the Orange Fab Summit. We've been implementing the Orange Fab program in Romania for less than two years, and the fact that we've been chosen to host the Summit is a confirmation of the fact that we have significant results to show the other program, both concerning the way we closely collaborate with the startups and also the quality of the companies we work with. The representatives in the other countries have been impressed by the maturity level of the startups they've met here and we're confident that we'll soon witness very interesting international collaborations." - Monica Obogeanu, Startup Programs Manager, Orange Romania.

The Orange Fab Romania companies that have presented their products during the event are:

Appsulate - isolated environment that acts as a shield between the user and web  applications securing both internal and external users, preventing data exfiltration and providing control, monitoring  and compliance with security standards.

Blugento - powerful SaaS ecommerce solution, based on Magento, that allows shop owners to benefit from the flexibility of Magento and boost online sales with hundreds of features  and extensions. With Blugento they can take their mind off the technical  infrastructure and focus on growing their business.

BOX2M - IoT eco-system with strong focus on energy sector, also usable for utilities, telecom and infrastructure security verticals generating significant benefits for customers, such as energy churn decreased by up  to 10% or reduced OPEX and CAPEX by smart and innovative design.

Dekeneas - security solution using artificial intelligence to address some of the  most complex and hard to tackle computer attacks: watering holes and  cryptojacking

KFactory - Industry 4.0 solution which digitalizes the manufacturing process, focusing on performance management and improvement.

Pentest Tools - online framework for penetration testing and security assessment where  the users obtain a detailed list of vulnerabilities which they can  remediate before being hit by cyberattacks.