3 Orange Fab startups, involved in the Alba Iulia Smart City 2018 project

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3 Orange Fab startups, involved in the Alba Iulia Smart City 2018 project

The National Smart City - Alba Iulia 2018 Debate took place at the beginning of the week. Orange is one of the key partners of the smart city project and has, over the past year, integrated 3 solutions developed by the Orange Fab startups: BOX2M, uRADMonitor and Fullscreen Digital.

Alba Iulia Smart City 2018 is a pilot project meant to transform Alba Iulia into the first city in Romania with integrated smart city solutions, as a celebration for the 100 years since Romania's unification. The pilot project is unique in Romania, as it is the first smart city project developed through the collaboration between the national government, a local public authority and private companies. For more details about the project, check out the conference website.

The products developed by the Orange Fab startups that have been implemented in the Alba Iulia Smart City pilot project are:


For Alba Iulia Smart City, the solution developed by BOX2M on Orange's infrastructure (connectivity and IoT platform) monitors in real-time the consumption and quality of energy that is provided in two points of the public illumination system. These points serve 101 LED smart illumination lamps, managed remotely through LoRaWAN communication and the inteliLIGHT tele-management system.

Complementing the inteliLIGHT public illumination solution, BOX2M allows the Alba Iulia municipality and the public illumination operator to significantly reduce the energy acquisition bills and maintenance efforts (time, money), to alert incidents and create real-time audits. It also allows structured interfacing, through a BIM (business intelligence model) management system, which is one of the key elements of the "smart territory".

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To determine exactly what are the city's areas that have a low air quality, so that the administration is able to intervene, Orange has integrated in the Alba Iulia Smart City platform the uRADMonitor solution. The product equips the smart city with sensors for various pollution factors.

15 sensors have been installed, and are functioning in optimal parameters, in 15 busses (operated by STP Alba Iulia) that are equipped with Internet connectivity or LoRaWAN access. The data collected in motion offers information about the pollution level in the city and its periphery. The data is transmitted in real-time towards a dashboard that is accessible via any interned connection, offering information, updated each minute, about the pollution level and its evolution in time or from one location to another.

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City Analytics, developed by Orange in partnership with Fullscreen Digital

City Analytics is a software solution developed for the Alba Iulia Smart City project by Orange, that helps the city's administration to observe in real-time the crowded areas and on-foot traffic flows, time spent in certain areas, as well as the frequency of re-visits.

The information is aggregated in statistical and analytical models and can be graphically viewed in real-time or in evolution over a period of time - up to one year. The information is relevant for the definition of solutions to decongest the regular urban traffic or the traffic that is generated by touristic activities. Based on these pieces of info, the real-time allocation of transportation devices can be optimised and, based on historical data analysis, the administration can easily make decisions to improve work for urban maintenance and durable development.

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At the event recently hosted by Alba Iulia, Cristi Patachia, Development & Innovation Manager at Orange Romania, has presented the results of the integrations made by Orange in the Alba Iulia Smart City project. He also offered recommendations to optimally continue the project implementation.

The conference agenda included the Startup Demo-Show session, powered by Orange Fab. Teams that have graduated Innovation Labs were also present on stage - Heimdal, PIDrone, ReactiveBoards, as well as CBNAgro.tech, Orange Fab startup whose technical team has graduated Innovation Labs, the pre-acceleration program organised by TechLounge and supported by Orange.

The full pitching session video is available below:

Sesiunea 6 – Start-up Demo Show Prezentari de solutii smart city realizate de firme start-up, in vederea finantarii acestora de catre investitorii privati sau cooptarea in alte proiecte deja existente. Start-Up-urile pot primi din partea companiei Orange acces la tehnologii si API-uri pentru dezvoltarea produsului, suport pentru testarea lui intr-un mediu real si acces la reteaua de distributie Orange pentru cresterea afacerii. - Daniel Rosner, Program manager, InnovationLabs - Vadim Fîntînari, Steepsoft: sPark – Parking management with AI - CBNIT – Cristian Tranca, CTO - Heimdal – Laura Antonache, co-fondator - PIDrone – Cristian Trifu, CTO - ReactiveBoards – Sorin Dabiste, co-fondator - SensiX -Ionut Movila, CTO

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