Innovation Labs 2020: other 45 teams join the program in Iași, Cluj, Sibiu and Timișoara

Innovation Labs 2020: other 45 teams join the program in Iași, Cluj, Sibiu and Timișoara

After the 4 hackathons that took place simultaneously in Cluj, Iași, Sibiu and Timișoara, 45 young technical startups join the program, together with the 28 teams that already qualified after the Bucharest hackathon that took place at the end of February.

The 4 hackathons in Cluj, Iași, Sibiu and Timișoara reunited 100 teams formed by over 230 talented people that presented daring projects, that aimed to bring a positive impact in various business sectors through their technological innovations.

The present startups entered one of the seven business verticals of the program: Agriculture, Cyber–Security, Fintech, Health & Lifestyle, Retail, Smart Cities și Smart Mobility. The participants covered three categories, based on the members' experience: teams formed exclusively from students, teams working on spin-offs from university research projects and teams formed from students and experienced entrepreneurs.

The Lung Cancer Diagnostics and Monitoring System project from Cluj-Napoca was selected in the research spin-off category, supported by Orange.

The teams that qualified for the Innovation Labs 2020 mentorship program in Cluj, Iași, Sibiu and Timișoara are:

Teams from Cluj:

Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Monitoring System - Spin-off
Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Monitoring System appears as an answer to the problems of invasive lung cancer identification methods. The team proposes an ultrasound-based application that can determine the cancerous nature of a lung injury with an accuracy of over 95%. Thus, the proposed solution avoids the destruction of the tissues caused by the invasive methods, reduces the chance of obtaining false positive results and reduces the costs associated with this procedure.

Budget Master - Start-up
Budget Master helps those who wish to adopt a rational and responsible consumption behavior. The proposed solution consists of a voice assistant specialized in financial problems that educates the users by analyzing the behavior related to the daily expenses. The application creates a profile of daily expenses and finds optimal solutions for the efficient management of user finances. Moreover, the product comes integrated with a function for direct interaction with the banking field that facilitates the relationship between banks and customers.

Medicalo - Scale-upTeam
Medicalo proposes a medical management system to help patients who have completed a treatment or have undergone surgery. The proposed solution consists of a platform that replaces the lack of efficient doctor-patient communication by digitizing recommendations and monitoring the recovery process following the discharge from the hospital premises.

Luckify - Start-up
Luckify develops an application that offers the opportunity to purchase experiences and products to those who have a limited budget. The proposed solution consists of a virtual store where companies can attract customers through raffles organized by the application. Thus, Luckify promises to lower the cost of purchasing for the consumer and to offer suppliers a new way of promoting their business.

ID Medic - Start-up
Team ID Doctor proposes a solution that will streamline the process of diagnosis and application of the treatment by paramedics. The product uses data about the patient's medical history to provide accurate and useful information in medical emergencies. Thus, ID Doctor promises to provide paramedics with a digitized solution for identifying the medical profile of patients in the event of an accident in order to make the best diagnosis and treatment decisions.

XeoSmartHome - Start-up
Team XeoSmartHome develops an IoT product that helps animal lovers when they leave their companions at home. The proposed solution consists of an automatic system which feeds the animal in the absence of the owner, that can be programmed through a mobile application. Moreover, XeoSmartHome promises to act as a partner between the owner and the feed suppliers by integrating a sensor that determines the amount of feed left and facilitates the purchase process.

Donero - Start-up
Donero is a product that offers transparency to all financial donations through blockchain technology. The proposed solution promises to encourage individual and collective financial donations by trusting that they are used for the stated cause. The product allows users access to information that cannot be modified regarding purchases made through their donations.

Blood Chain - Start-up
Team Blood Chain proposes an application that solves the problem of lack of blood donors. The Blood Chain solution aims to encourage old and new donors through telephone alerts and material and social rewards. The product integrates an alert system that notifies users regarding current blood donation needs and rewards them through coupons and appraisal in a virtual community.

Lytter - Start-up
Lytter is a smart recycling system for schools. The proposed solution integrates IoT technologies into the recycling bins of educational institutions and monitors the recycling rate of each class. Thus, Lytter team proposes both a short-term solution to promote responsible recycling through gamification elements and partnerships with accredited organizations in waste processing, as well as a long-term solution for educating new generations in this regard.

Care Connection - Start-up
Care Connection is a platform for the care and education of children. The proposed solution offers a digital space for parents where they can identify and obtain specialized help for babysitting and meditation activities. The Care Connection product integrates rigorous psychological testing systems that give parents confidence in babysitters and engaged meditators.

InventiffSMS.App - Scale-up
InventiffSMS.App is a smart SMS management system. The product allows the connection of a user's SMS services to a personal dashboard from which all messages sent and received can be managed. Moreover, the InventiffSMS.App solution allows the transfer of information on different social platforms in order to facilitate the process of content creation and editing.

Slick - Start-up
Team Slick designs and develops electric motorcycles to combat pollution in overcrowded cities. The proposed solution integrates the motorcycle prototypes developed with a free charging system that significantly reduces the transport costs.

Molly - Start-up
Molly is a personal virtual shopping assistant who helps consumers choose the best deal when they are in a store. The product creates the consumer profile and offers customized buying suggestions based on the data provided by the supplier. Thus, Molly promises to facilitate the customer's connection with the retail sector by improving the buyer's satisfaction with their purchasing decisions.

Empathy - Start-up
Team Empathy develops a product designed to facilitate the introspection process of the user. The proposed solution consists in the integration of a daily journal with the option of recording the voice to recall the feelings and thoughts of the good days. Thus, Empathy promises to restore a special vibration that elevates the mood of people in a busy life.

Teams from Iași:

Synovius - Start-up
Synovius is a portable medical device that helps in the recovery and treatment of joints (elbow, knee and ankle), regardless of location. The proposed solution is designed to allow the control of one or multiple device (s) by means of a mobile application and helps in saving the expenses normally intended for treatment. The team responsible for Synovius promises to replace the traditional recovery equipment with a business model that involves selling or renting in medical units, hospitals and treatment centers.

Pills vs. Pills - Start-up
Pill Vs. Pill proposes a platform to inform patients about the contraindications of the medicines they use. The solution uses the patient's medical profile and information from the medicine prospectus to intelligently provide details regarding incompatible drug substances, dietary or sports restrictions, adverse drug effects and potential limitations in the ability to drive.

Radio Saver - Start-up
Team Radio Saver develops a system that responds to the impediments given by the communication limitations in the isolated regions. The proposed solution consists of a circuit based on wireless technologies that allows the acquisition of information from another device and its transmission through radio waves. Thus, the device promises to solve the location and communication problems encountered by rescue units and those who go on mountain adventures.

Discover Iași - Start-up
Discover Iași develops an application for electric bicycle tourism in the city of Iași. The proposed product establishes the route and allows the user to record real time information about the existing tourist attractions. Discover Iași team currently has 10 electric bicycles and promises to offer a new dimension to the tourist experience in the city of Iași.

Rungutan - Scale-up
Rungutan is the fastest platform on the market for testing web interfaces. The proposed solution, that uses in-house developed technology, helps testers to measure the speed of loading and the performance of the websites. Characterized by a server-less architecture, the Rungutan solution is intended for IT projects that need investigation and security in the process of analyzing the performance of websites.

Hereitis - Start-up
Hereitis team proposes a solution that facilitates the use of public transport in the city of Iasi. Hereitis application offers users the position and distance in minutes / seconds of buses through an automatically updated location system. Thus, the team promises to make public transportation predictable for the citizens of the city.

eDrive - Start-up
Team eDrive proposes a system that facilitates the conversion from a standard bicycle to an electric bicycle in order to minimize the inconvenience felt by those who use the bicycle as their main means of transport. The proposed solution involves an assembly comprising a motor wheel, a battery that powers the engine, sensors, and a management box. The product thus helps improve the standard bicycle by increasing the speed, facilitating the signaling (left / right, stop lights) and recording the traveled routes.

Teams from Sibiu:

ParkingWizzard - Start-up
Team ParkingWizzard proposes an application that makes it easy to find a free parking space. The proposed solution uses the images from existing surveillance cameras or uses its own cameras to identify the available free space and display it in real time in the application. The product offers corporations that have private parking places and municipalities that manage the public parking place a more efficient way to manage the parking places.

On Time Agenda - Start-up
Team On Time Agenda develops an application for better scheduling time management for service providers. The proposed solution promises to automate and improve customer service within interested organizations by sending SMS notifications to remind them of the day and time of the appointment.

Volunteer Management Platform - Start-up
Volunteer Management Platform welcomes those interested in volunteering by identifying the events in their area that they can participate in as volunteers and helps event organizers manage volunteers within the event. The solution consists of a platform that supports the recruitment and induction of volunteers within the teams organizing different events.

MakeItEasy - Start-up
MakeItEasy offers a solution to digitize bureaucratic processes between individuals and public service providers. The MakeItEasy product thus saves time for both parties by simplifying the contracting and approval processes.

e-Practica - Start-up
Team e-Practica develops a platform meant to digitize the process of conducting work practice in universities. The proposed solution creates a digital space that includes work opportunities like internships and jobs offered by potential employers to which students can apply. By using the platform, universities benefit from statistics and reports, students from appropriate information and the opportunity to upload documents for work practice, and companies from promotion. Thus, e-Practice ensures that university activity is synchronized with the demands of the labor market.

Clean Car - Start-up
Team Clean Car develops an application that connects car owners who want to wash their car and driver’s license owners who want to earn extra income. The proposed solution allows the car owner to save time by having his car washed with the help of another driver interested in performing this activity in return for a remuneration.

Smart Cow - Start-up
Smart Cow is an application that offers a web interface for automating milk dispensers and automatic coffee machines. The proposed solution uses IoT technologies that check the milk level and the technical status of the components of the dispensers or devices in order to notify the suppliers of the need for replenishment or technical intervention.

Sweet Deal - Start-up
Team Sweet Deal proposes an application for account management activities that automates the process of tracking progress within a project. The product offers a communication efficiency solution that replaces telephone and email interaction with an easy-to-use interface that centralizes and manages all the information within the project.

Mr.K Smart Wallet - Start-up
Team Mr. K Smart Wallet promises to reinvent the wallet through a multi-functional physical port-card. The proposed solution allows synchronization with the user's phone and integrates a security system that protects against card cloning and allows its localization in necessary cases, and it also offers a business card digitization module. Moreover, Mr. K Smart Wallet offers a wide range of customization options for port cards, allowing users to opt for the style they choose.

eServicii - Start-up
Team eServicii develops a web interface meant to connect freelancers in different fields with clients who need their services. The proposed solution initially concerns services that involve the care of animals in urban areas and aims to extend it to other sectors of activity. Thus, the product seeks to create a digital space with opportunities to obtain additional revenue from customers willing to pay for such services.

Sales Scanner - Start-up
The product proposed by Sales Scanner welcomes those interested in the most advantageous offers in the vicinity, made available by restaurants, cafes and shops. The proposed solution consists of a mobile application that uses the GPS coordinates of the user and data on the discounts offered by the providers to recommend to the consumer accessible offers regarding services and products in the proximity.

Teams from Timișoara:

POLYMORE - Start-up
POLYMORE offers a solution that uses artificial intelligence algorithms for plastic waste management. The proposed application analyzes the reuse and decomposition variants of products containing contaminated plastic and offers the most effective strategies for their management. The solution comes both to the aid of the companies in the food sector and to the help of actors in the agricultural and construction sector interested in using alternative materials.

BuyBox - Start-up
BuyBox promises to improve the customer-store relationship by integrating IoT technologies into retail processes. The proposed solution uses a series of sensors for real-time data collection in order to optimize customer and product management processes in stores. BuyBox collects and centralizes information such as shelf stock, product details, and consumer behavior statistics in a mobile application to provide stores with intelligent buyer management strategies based on information obtained from aggregated data.

Dorel - Start-up
Dorel is a platform that acts as an intermediary between craftsmen and potential clients, coming as a solution for the difficulties encountered in the labor market regarding the faulty calibration of professional expectations of clients. The application is available in the mobile version on Android and iOS and it allows customers who need the help of craftsmen to be informed about the offers available in proximity along with their quality and price.

Orderro - Start-up
Orderro offers management software for restaurants, bars and cafes. The purpose of the solution is to streamline the process of managing customers in restaurants,bars and cafes by giving the consumer the opportunity to order in advance the desired meal or beverage through a digital menu. Furthermore, Orderro uses aggregated data to provide suggestions for improving product procurement and preparation processes. - Start-up is a work outsourcing platform that helps to develop successful businesses by improving the personal brands of professionals along with facilitating connection and communication between them. Team proposes a digital space where companies can outsource their work and users can discover and apply for freelancing jobs.

Experience Jobs - Start-up
Experience Jobs is a start-up that develops an application for people without a history in the labor market and people looking for additional sources of income.The proposed solution acts as an intermediary between the target segment and the flexible job providers available on the market, thus offering the possibility of accumulating additional experience and income.

Planty - Start-up
Planty is a mobile application that uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms to detect pathological diseases of plants. The proposed solution is dedicated to phyto-pharmaceuticals and farmers interested in identifying as quickly as possible pathological problems and intelligent solutions regarding plant health.

Q-toggle - Start-up
Q-toggle is an application that provides consulting for the automation of spaces through IoT technologies. The proposed solution analyzes the difficulty of implementation and the compatibility of IoT technologies with the space and technologies already implemented to provide the best strategies for the transition to smart spaces. Thus, the Q-toggle team promises to solve the difficulties of integrating multiple smart devices on the market.

Guidify - Start-up
Guidify is an online platform that helps companies create animated and easily understandable presentations for the use of products or services, which are accessible to end users by simply scanning a QR code. The platform also includes a virtual assistant that can be easily trained to answer any type of question. The proposed solution thus promises to facilitate the end user's understanding of the information required for the use of a product or technology and to reduce the time required to complete the instructions by the suppliers.

AI UAV - Start-up
AI UAV is currently working on the development and integration of industrial robots with a mobile capacity in the production areas. The proposed solution uses parameters such as temperature or humidity of the environment to create systems that allow industrial robots to overcome the mobility constraints imposed by the space in which they operate.

wARdrobe - Start-up
Team wARdrobe develops an application that helps the fans of online shopping using augmented reality and processing through three-dimensional models. The proposed solution uses the shape of the human body to project an image of the selected garment on the image of the user's virtual body. Thus, wARdrobe promises not only to offer online shopping enthusiasts a unique experience but also to reduce the probability of a return of a clothing product.

Waev - Start-up
Team Waev develops a socialization application through which the first interaction is realized after listening to some voice recordings, based on which the users establish compatibility. Later, they can start a conversation and as it progresses, the application allows people to gradually see photos of those they talk to. Thus, unlike other competitors, Waev supports the development of quality human relationships, respecting the natural rhythm of knowledge between partners,starting from compatibility and focusing on the physical aspect in the secondary plane.

SpineUP - Start-up
Back pain is a real problem, and the SpineUP application is the quick fix for it. SpineUP offers an application that contains short exercise programs that can be performed at home or in the office, which are aimed at improving and preventing back pain. The SpineUP solution promises to offer personalized exercises according to the users' affections and needs.

Innovation Labs 2020 is a program organized by the Tech Lounge Association, Transylvania Institute of Technology, Calemis Association, EduHub and ROSENC in partnership with Orange, Carrefour, BRD Groupe Société Générale, OMV Petrom, Atos as well as the The Romanian–American Foundation as strategic partner, in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Iași, Sibiu și Timișoara.

In the five cities, the program is academically supported by 10 top universities in Romania, that include over 90% of the technical students in Romania: POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest, University of Bucharest, Babeș–Bolyai University, Technical University of Cluj–Napoca, „Iuliu Haţieganu” Medicine and Pharmacy University of Cluj-Napoca, „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iași, „Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iași, „Lucian Blaga”University of Sibiu, Politehnica University of Timişoara and West University of Timişoara.