IRIS Robotics: digital twin technology

IRIS Robotics: digital twin technology

According to the latest report conducted in 2019 by International Federation of Robotics (IFR), Romania stands significantly behind the world average level with a score of 18 compared to 113 [1]. But we are happy to announce that IRIS Robotics with support of Orange Fab are ready to work on changing of this situation!

IRIS Robotics is a prolific purposeful company founded by people passionate about robots, automatization and making our live easier. Combining a big expertise, possibilities of the modern technologies and love to their work, IRIS Robotics creates products ranged “from software solutions to robots and 3D printers”[2]. The unquestionable “frontman” of the company is a humanoid robot Pepper [3], which became a treasure of the verticals tightly connected with the interaction with people like education, HoReCA, or healthcare. Such robots as Pepper are irreplaceable for monotonous and repetitive actions– i.e. those actions, which remain the key cause of the fast burnout in the field of helping professions. By delegating routine work to the robot you can save energy, time, and good mood for the things, which really matter! Pepper can be programmed to schedule appointments, process documentation, greet people, inform, entertain, or guide them somewhere – and much more depending on the request: IRIS Robotics can develop the robot according to your wishes!

How IRIS Robotics started?

Andrei Iulian Marin, founder and the CEO of the IRIS Robotics, was passionate about robots since he was very young: he participated in national and international completions, and  already in 2015 founded an association of the Robotics, helping youngsters to fulfill their dreams in this area. In 2017 when he was just 21, Andrei started the company, IRIS Robotics, – and today it is already a prominent player in Romanian market and beyond it. Despite the team of the company doesn’t exceed 20 members, IRIS Robotics is a part the United Robotics group, a society joining together more than 10 organizations and 5 thousands employees. 4

How did we meet?

Very recently Orange Fab attended an event Iasi, hosted by Fab Lab! There we were introduced to IRIS Robotics and, being impressed by their work, were excited to work together!

How does IRIS Robotics work?                       

The client comes to IRIS Robotics with the particular request, based on which the company launches two-stream preparation: hardware and software. While the hardware is relatively easy objective: the client with the help of consultants chooses the most suitable model from the present set, the real developer challenge starts on the software part. For each robot IRIS Robotics builds a software from the scratch to the final product according to the requested functionality. Thus, each robot is a piece of art fully customized for a client!

 What are the targeted verticals

Started relatively recently, IRIS Robotics already gained a significant popularity in such sectors as:

·       Healthcare: the robots are great supporters in hospital, helping people with information, guiding them to the doctors, taking care about elder patients, who might require constant attention, frequent reminders and warmth of communication.

·       Education: having discovered a huge potential of the robots in the educational area, schools and universities are actively ordering IRIS Robotics products nowadays. Robot can present the information in an entertaining manner, hold the question sessions, quizzes, helping children to focus and teachers – to save more interaction energy, understanding and warmth towards their students and to prevent burnout – the disaster of helping professions.  Besides, robots are very good in communication with ADHD children and children with autistic spectrum disorder helping them to learn how to be social in a safe non-judgmental environment. 

·       Retail: in the era when robots are only on the cusp of widespread use – so they automatically draw all the attention. What could be a more perfect tool for advertising?

·       HoReCa and public sector: always friendly and polite, the robots are amazing in welcoming, guiding, entertaining, informing, handling administrative tasks and sensitive aspects.

And what's next? 

Together with Orange IRIS Robotics will be able to create your Digital Twin – a humanoid robot designed to go instead of you to some nearby location, lend its ears through built-in microphones, capture the encompassing world with its cameras, and articulate your thoughts through its speakers. Despite for now the applicability of the robot was announced to target entertainment sector, we already suspect significantly wider potential of these miniature helpers in healthcare, retail and hazard industries areas! So, looking forward to it!





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