New open call to support innovators. Application opened until February 1st 2024

New open call to support innovators. Application opened until February 1st 2024


EU-CIP project calls to all innovators (e.g. research organizations, SMEs, startups, security technology providers, Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) system integrators) to apply to EU-CIP Open Call Type B in order to gain support towards exploiting, promoting, and commercializing their solutions or research outcomes. The open call aims to provide support in validating, standardizing and/or certifying solutions, by engaging third-party stakeholders, notably partners of EU funded projects.

The types of activities to perform that qualify for receiving financial support are related to the validation of the EU-CIP data and information analysis processes and findings (e.g. foresight, insight and added-value reports) defining an evaluation methodology and validation criteria in order to analysis and identify the main security gaps and research challenges.

IMPORTANT: In order to apply to the open call you are requested to register to the project website in order to have access to the open call documents, application form and open Call FAQ.


List of Activities Supported by the EU-CIP Open Call Type B

 The financial support provided within the EU-CIP Open Call Type B, aims at attracting vendors of innovative CIP solutions and technologies that will engage with the EU-CIP Innovation management activities  to validate, promote and commercialization their innovative CIP solutions. As part of the Open Call winners will be offered opportunities for:

1.      Technology maturation, exploitation, deployment and/or commercialization of their innovative CIP solutions and technologies. One of the objectives of this call is to fund projects that will exploit/commercialize high value and impactful solutions which are able to cover gaps and challenges in state of the art CIP solutions.

2.      Validation, standardization and/or certification of innovative CIP solutions: Open call winners will have the opportunity to engage with the services provided by the EU-CIP virtualized innovation services.

3.      Collaboration Opportunities: EU-CIP creates a collaborative ecosystem where CIP/CIR vendors and stakeholders can come together to exchange ideas, explore integration possibilities, and develop joint initiatives. Open call winners will have opportunities to connect with other stakeholders and explore potential partnerships.

 Type of call: Type B – Calls for Innovators to receive innovation support for exploiting their solutions or support in validating/certification their solutions.

Call identifier: EU-CIP Open Call Type B

Call Objectives: (1) support innovators towards exploiting and/or commercializing their solutions or research outcomes; (2) support for validating, standardizing and/or certifying solutions.

Full name of the EU funded project: EU-CIP  European Knowledge Hub and Policy Testbed for Critical Infrastructure Protection

Grant Agreement number: 101073878

Issue date: 1 December 2023

Deadline for submission: 1 February 2024

Award date: April 2024

Total Budget: €270,000

Maximum amount of financial support for each third party: up to 30K per winner

No. of proposals: >= 9

Language in which proposal should be submitted: English

Submission: Proposals submitted via EU-CIP website dedicated area.
Registration  or Login to the project’s web-site will be a prerequisite for downloading the Open Call documentation and for participation in the Open Calls processes of the project.

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