Orange Fab 1:1 Open Hours in Timisoara

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Orange Fab 1:1 Open Hours in Timisoara

Wednesday, October 3rd, Cristi Patachia, Development & Innovation Manager at Orange, will meet the entrepreneurs community in Timisoara. Between 16:00-18:00 he will be available for 1:1 sessions at Cowork Timisoara.

If you run a startup, want to find out more about the Orange Fab program and the collaboration opportunities with Orange, if you want to get feedback on your project, apply now for one of the 30 minutes sessions.

To take full advantage of your meeting, we recommend:

  • Check out all the details about the Orange Fab program
  • Prepare your pitch so that you tell your company's story in the shortest time possible
  • Come up with a few scenarios of how you might cooperate with Orange to further develop your product
  • Write down a list of questions you seek answers to

If you have a startup and want to collaborate with Orange, apply to Orange Fab.

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