Orange Fab launches a call dedicated to Romanian startups and entrepreneurs for projects based on 5G connectivity

Orange Fab launches a call dedicated to Romanian startups and entrepreneurs for projects based on 5G connectivity

At Orange we invest in the development of our 5G network, complementary with our existing infrastructure, to support to everchanging needs of our customers. Also, we’re developing new services that help people and society while extending our 5G network in a responsible manner – where it’s needed, in dense urban areas or in perimeters dedicated to specific needs of companies.

We’re working with a multitude of collaborators, like researchers, standardization and regulatory bodies, manufacturers, companies, startups and academic entities to create the future 5G services as well as to assure that they are useful and inclusive.

In the business world, 5G will change the manufacturing processes, working methods and the adoption of externalized services. The management of water and waste, transport, city services will be also revolutionized through 5G. Through functionalities like network slicing, 5G will allow different levels of quality and network security, adapted to critical applications.

For the general public, 5G facilitates the access to mobile services and immersive experiences, with an enhanced quality of the educational, cultural or sport content.

Call for 5G projects

Orange Fab, the startup accelerator program, launches a call dedicated to 5G projects.

The call is open to startups and developers that are implementing commercial applications that take advantage of the 5G connectivity and are willing to collaborate with Orange.

We’re looking for applications related to domains like:

  • Future mobility and smart city
  • Smart industry
  • Health and Home IoT devices
  • AR/VR and gaming
  • Cybersecurity
  • Slicing and network applications
  • Coverage continuity, reliability and performance of networks
  • Energy efficient networks and the reduction of the environmental impact

What can you win?

The winning startups will gain access to the Orange Fab accelerator program and the Orange 5G Lab ecosystem, with benefits like:

  • Mentoring for enhancement of products, business plan and the presentation decks
  • Access to the latest 5G SA network
  • Access to the latest equipment, platforms and 5G technologies
  • Support for the implementation of pilot projects
  • Exposure to new clients
  • Potential involvement in Horizon Europe research projects

Apply until September 2nd 2023!

Selection criteria

The winners will be picked taking into consideration the following selection criteria:

  • Degree of innovation and market potential
  • Orange collaboration potential (for serving internal needs, complementarity with current customer offers)
  • Team structure and expertise


The applications are open between 6th of April and September 2nd. The teams that need access to dedicated equipment and infrastructure, can gain access to those in the Orange 5G Labs, through the application form. Onboarding Days will take place on 18th of May, 7thof July and 24th of August, this way the selected startups being able to gain access to the laboratory infrastructure.

The application forms can be retransmitted any number of times, to include new achievements as at the final selection the newest information will be taken into account.

On 28th of September, the selected startups will be publicly announced and will present their projects in a Demo Day type of event.