Orange Fab Romania Demo Day 2018

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Orange Fab Romania Demo Day 2018

The entrepreneurs community has celebrated, together with Orange, the ending of the first year of Orange Fab in Romania. The companies in the program took the stage to present their products, business progress and results achieved together with Orange over the past year. The audience, made of Orange Romania key players, investors, community leaders from across the country and entrepreneurs, could later check out demos of the Orange Fab products, during an informal networking event.

Once the first year of the program is finalised, the collaboration between Orange and the participant companies moves to a new level. Until now, the efforts have gone into developing and testing pilot projects. Orange Romania has invested 500.000 EUR in the relationship with the participant startups, the number representing costs for productisation, developing new functionalities and even directly acquiring equipment and products developed by the startups. Now, the focus will be on boosting the sales efforts, nationally and internationally, and increasing the speed of development for the projects.

"We’re celebrating the first year of the Orange Fab Romania program with the confidence that we are building a valuable framework to work better with startups and bring more value to all our end customers. We’re taking our lessons learned and doubling-down on our commitment to create a better future through innovation." - Cristi Pațachia, Development & Innovation Manager at Orange Romania.

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