Spectro:o - Comprehensive digital signage solution

Spectro:o - Comprehensive digital signage solution

Easy management and distribution of the content that takes just seconds of your time is no longer a question with digital signage solutions like Spectro:o. Despite the fact that the concept of digital signage itself emerged years ago, in the 1970s, and was initially adopted by the fashion industry and banks, nowadays we are talking about a significantly different level of this solution. Now it allows companies and entrepreneurs to attract more customers, increase income, safety level, and operational efficiency by delivering the right content to the right people at the right place with minimal effort and time consumption.

Spectro:o is one of the most prominent representatives of this industry in the Romanian market that offers a high-tech but at the same time intuitive plug-and-play digital display solution, allowing brands to easily manipulate their information distribution system. Fast, easy, compatible, affordable, easy to integrate into any organizational structure, efficient, and effective, Spectro:o gained the trust of such big players as Auchan, Carrefour, Dabo Doner, and others.

How Spectro:o started?

Six years ago, Marius Patroi, the founder of Spectro:o, was thinking about how to better boost the advertising of products, increasing their visibility among potential customers - and this was the starting point of Spectro:o. As of 2022, Marius with his team of 10 people leads the most prominent digital signage company in Romania.

How did we meet Spectro:o?

The first contact between Orange Fab and Spectro:o happened already four years ago, in January 2019, at a meeting of our common customer, Carrefour: Spectro:o provided them with a digital signage solution, and Orange - with connectivity to make this solution work smoothly from a communication point of view. Then the match happened, and here we are!

How does Spectro:o work?

The inherent advantage of the solution is its integrity, dressed in an intuitive design: following simple steps, the user adjusts all the content-related details—what, where, when, and how—in the application, which in milliseconds pushes the information to the device directly connected to the screen.

What does the end user receive?

«We do not sell products, but rather projects — a distributed network of interrelated things that helps companies achieve their goals by providing convenient and timely information»— replies Marius. Offering personalized service to each customer, Spectro:o also provides maintenance and can arrange training, which may be needed when implementing the solution in large enterprises.

Who are the target customers?

Despite the Spectro:o solution is primarily aimed at retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and food services, it could bring a significant contribution wherever you look: education, hazardous industries, logistics, and even the arts. The proprietary sector remains the main interest for Spectro:o, however, the company also collaborates with Sibiu City Hall.

What are the key benefits and restrictions of the Spectro:o solution?

Without a shadow of a doubt, integrity and ease of utilization come first to our mind when talking about Spectroo:o: intuitive, multifunctional, incredibly fast, - once installed, the solution can flawlessly work for ages. With regard to restrictions: every whim for your money—it is easy to scale, compatible with all the screens that have an HDMI port, supports all types of multimedia, including interactive mode, and works everywhere where there is a connection.

What about security?

Information is the greatest source of influence, which is why it is very important to take care of who has access to the means of dissemination of the mass media. Spectro:o considers security as one of its key advantages: “We do not joke with the security," assures Marius Patroi- “Nowadays, you can find some platforms offering you almost free digital signage service, but it is, of course, more for personal use. If we are talking about big players, they are interested in a secure solution, and we are ready to provide it to them.”

And what's next?

«In terms of market,» says Marius, «since right now, I would say, we do not have competitors in Romania, we are interested in going further and making Spectro:o a global player». Despite the superiority in the Romanian market, the Spectro:o team does not stop there, and has many ideas for how to be even better—and Orange Fab is excited to share with them this path, exploring together new technologies and bringing to the market products utilizing all the benefits that 5G can offer.

Find out more about Spectro:o from the ZF Tech Day show (a discussion in Romanian):

“By the way, what do you think about holograms?” -- M. Patroi