Two startups have joined Orange Fab and have been integrated into the Orange Business Services partner portfolio

Two startups have joined Orange Fab and have been integrated into the Orange Business Services partner portfolio

We're happy to announce that two new tech startups focusing on education and Artificial Intelligence have joined the Orange Fab Romania accelerator program.

The two startups, VBoard and Zevo Tech, started their collaboration with Orange Fab at the end of 2021 and, so far, have benefited from technical and business mentoring, access to technologies and equipment for the successful implementation of pilot projects, and solutions that have been integrated into the Orange Business Services portfolio.

Launched in 2017, Orange Fab, the first acceleration and collaboration program with startups implemented by a corporation in Romania, has a total of 36 startups with which more than 80 projects have been implemented, both across the entire Orange Romania organization and for customers.

VBoard - platform to support online education

VBoard offers a simple and efficient solution for teaching courses online. The VBoard product is an interactive virtual whiteboard with an included audio-video module that facilitates real-time communication between teachers and groups of students. The platform is adapted to be accessed from phones and tablets and is very easy to access in schools thanks to multiple integrations with dedicated online teaching platforms.

Zevo Tech - automation products for speech & language transcription, synthesis and processing

Zevo Tech develops technologies in the field of transcription, synthesis and processing of speech and natural language using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms. Zevo Tech is a startup started as a spin-off from the Speech and Dialogue Research Laboratory at the University POLITEHNICA in Bucharest, with a team of professors and Ph.D. researchers in Artificial Intelligence. Zevo Tech's products are useful in areas such as conversation transcription and speaker identification, synthesizing messages from text to audio or identifying emotions and feelings from speech.

After identifying opportunities and developing a joint implementation plan, the two startups have been granted access to Orange Business Services' national distribution network. Thus, the VBoard product will be accessed by teachers in Orange Business Services' client schools, together with the 24Edu school management platform already in the portfolio and also developed by a team of Romanian entrepreneurs.

The applications developed by Zevo Tech are available in the Orange Business Services portfolio of integrated services for corporate customers, complementing the offer of solutions available to call center companies or meeting various business needs involving transcription, processing or speech synthesis.

The application for the next round of admission to the Orange Fab program is open throughout May, so interested entrepreneurs can apply until 31 May 2022.

More information about the startups enrolled in Orange Fab, as well as the opportunities offered by the accelerator program, are available here: