5 new startups join Orange Fab

5 new startups join Orange Fab

We're happy to announce 5 new startups that join the Orange Fab acceleration program. The total number of collaboration thus reaches 21, after 2.5 years of activity. Through Orange Fab, startups receive access to the newest technologies. support to further develop their products, access to the Orange and Orange Business Services distribution network, as well as to the 6 most important technology hubs in the country, through Hub Pass.

The 5 startups that have recently joined Orange Fab develop solutions in domains like people and the future of work, 5G and networks of the future, security and smart cities:

  • Acquainted brings forward the directly digital business card which can be exchanged instantly and edited anytime by the user. The ‚address book’ in Acquainted is connected, dynamic, self-updating, indexed flawlessly and shareable with the company without any work. Say hello to the future of contacts.
  • Nestor is an intelligent employee coaching platform that helps organizations with actionable intelligence on how to coach their people for performance and enhance their leadership culture through coaching practices. The platform helps organizations develop an internal culture focused on growth, facilitates team collaboration, increases transparency and predicts potential opportunities and risks in real-time at an organizational level.
  • Bunnyshell helps tech teams obtain performance through agility by managing and scaling their applications' architecture, using two simple solutions: Site Reliability Robot and DevOps Tools. The robot facilitates monitoring, alerting and continuous optimization for any kind of server (cloud or on-premise), while DevOps Tools enables its users to manage every server within a cloud architecture by using Bunnyshell.
  • Polyfazer is a solution that enables the charging experience for electrical and plug-in hybrid cars through smart EV car charging stations, users portal and a proprietary mobile app that allows users to find and access available nearby charging stations.
  • SecurifAI uses AI algorithms that automate real-time monitoring & analysis of video surveillance classic systems, covering the following topics: face detection, recognition & anonymization, heart rate detector, facial emotions identification, abnormal event detection, abandoned luggage, pedestrian & generic object tracker (cars, animals etc.), License plate recognition etc.

„We're happy to start collaborating with the newest 5 startups in Orange Fab. Even though the program takes place over the course of one year, the truth is that we continue to work closely with all the startups that joined the program. Our objective is to create a true ecosystem of partners, together with whom to transform the way we live and work. This model proves to be successful as some startups are official service providers for Orange." - Monica Obogeanu, Startup Programs Manager.

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