Orange launches Live Objects - IoT device management platform

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Orange launches Live Objects - IoT device management platform

Orange launches Live Objects, a secure platform that covers the core functionalities needed for an IoT (Internet of Things) project and manages connected devices and analyzes collected data. Live Objects is a multi-protocol solution, making it compatible with various communication technologies, from 2G / 3G / 4G, to dedicated IoT LTE-M sensors.

The platform is addressed to all companies, is simple to use and scalable so that it can be used by both startups and SMEs and also by large companies that operate in both industrial and service spheres.

Live Objects lets you quickly integrate new devices and easily use the data they collect for business applications. Data collected through connected devices can be viewed and processed in both the Live Objects dashboard and partner applications via APIs. In this regard, an application has been developed that enables the aggregation of multiple source data in Live Objects.

Case study for the use of Live Objects and the LTE-M network in the energy industry, with BOX2M - Orange Fab startup

In November, 2018, Orange launched the first low-power, LTE-M (Long Term Evolution for Machines) nationwide network covering 3,137 localities. This technology is best suited for the widest range of IoT projects, especially through the use of the Live Objects platform.

The Live Objects platform and the LTE-M network have been tested through pilot projects built with one of the Orange Fab startups to test the functionalities for different industries: energy and smart city.

Thus, BOX2M installed a power management solution in Alba Iulia and Constanta, covering the energy dispatch requirements of a public authority. The main transmission is through the LTE-M Orange network, with a secondary GSM connection. Installation was carried out on a series of significant ignition points for each city’s lighting network.

The BOX2M system allows rapid identification of phenomena such as the imbalance between the power phases of the public lighting system caused by unequal load in the various historical development stages of the system or exceeding the standard power quality parameters at certain time intervals, which can directly affect the operating time of the connected equipment.

It is also easy to extract energy management reports with very low granularity. These are essential for the high-precision estimation of consumption and the reduction of the energy purchase invoice. Data can be viewed by administrators in the Live Objects platform, or aggregated with other dedicated application solutions, Smart Territories, both offered by Orange.

The BOX2M Orange Infrastructure solution can be easily extended at a later stage by adding local equipment, regardless of the specificity of the target (public building, ignition point, other type of consumer or utility network).